How we work

It’s because you’re an individual…

To ensure our customers truly receive the individual, independent advice we believe they are entitled to, we have developed an approach that really works.

One of our highly qualified advisers will guide you through our process and ensure your financial plans suit your particular circumstances and objectives.

The adviser works collaboratively with you, listening to your needs and aspirations and keeping you fully informed at all stages.



Understanding you, your current arrangements, your objectives, your ambitions and your attitude to risk and reward.


Assessment of the information you have given and the presentation of your personalised Black Swan Capital financial plan..



Allocation of assets to match your needs, aspirations and risk profile.  There’s also the potential to restructure your current arrangements if appropriate.


Regular reviews of your financial plan to ensure that your financial goals and aspirations are met in the future.

It’s because we’re independent…

Banks, fund houses and insurers are naturally inclined to promote and sell their own products. Being independent means being able to select the most appropriate products from the whole of market. At Black Swan Capital we use best of breed asset allocation models and portfolio construction processes to guide clients towards the most appropriate strategy for their personal circumstances and objectives.

It’s because we’re different…

We differentiate ourselves through our exceptional client services backed by award winning office technology and dedicated support staff. This means:

• You are looked after by fully qualified experienced advisers.

• We take the time to get to know you face-to-face.

• You receive customised solutions, not off-the-shelf products.

• We communicate in an honest and clear manner.

• We conduct long term relationships not short term transactions.

• You will get a quick response to queries.

• You receive comprehensive updates to ensure your plans are on track.

All paperwork is scanned and telephone conversations with customers are noted and filed on our system ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Our client protection…

We want to make sure our clients feel comfortable with our financial recommendations and are protected in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. As part of our authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we hold Professional Indemnity insurance.

This makes sure that if something does goes wrong, Black Swan Capital has the insurance to allow us to put things right again. Also, as part of the fees we pay to the FCA, we fund the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This scheme provides protection to clients in the unlikely event that a financial adviser or related financial services company goes out of business. Check the Financial Services Compensation Scheme web site for more details.